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January 2016

“So, are you going to Death Valley for the Super Bowl?” asked a colleague recently. “No. I don’t think Death Valley is far enough away,” I replied. We’re denizens of Silicon Valley, and in my case, I live about three miles from Levi’s Stadium, the epicenter of the activities for... Read more →

We at Cycle California! Magazine and Found By Bike try to encourage readers to think about their hometown as a place to explore, to look at it through fresh eyes. So, it was in the spirit of adventure that we set off to see Penitencia Creek (not exactly a river)... Read more →

Annie and Troy Yung met at the 2009 California Coast Classic - Arthritis Foundation Bike Tour. In 2015 they came back as a married couple. Their journey, while not exactly arrow straight, took a few twists and turns, not unlike the California Coast Classic route itself. The California Coast Classic... Read more →