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Like Lennon and McCartney or peanut butter and chocolate, July and hot weather usually go together— so does hot weather and ice cream. Introducing the Cycle California! Ice Cream Trail! Local trails are great places to get away — they are usually tree-lined and offer a respite from the summer sun. What if you could put ice cream and trails together? These sweet pairings — trails and ice cream — make for a cool, tasty summer! Read more →

When I'm feeling closed in on all sides I head to the coast. I don't especially like crowds, so I get away midday on a work day. Only 20 minutes from San José via Highway 17, the coast along Santa Cruz is a great resource for outdoor enthusiasts: There's beaches,... Read more →

In the ongoing quest to explore places local to our Bay Area home, we visited Cascade Canyon Open Space Preserve in Marin County. We chose this park because we had to be in Marin for a family gathering. Also known as the birthplace of mountain biking, the magic of Marin... Read more →

“So, are you going to Death Valley for the Super Bowl?” asked a colleague recently. “No. I don’t think Death Valley is far enough away,” I replied. We’re denizens of Silicon Valley, and in my case, I live about three miles from Levi’s Stadium, the epicenter of the activities for... Read more →

We at Cycle California! Magazine and Found By Bike try to encourage readers to think about their hometown as a place to explore, to look at it through fresh eyes. So, it was in the spirit of adventure that we set off to see Penitencia Creek (not exactly a river)... Read more →

Battling the elements on a bike while riding Antarctica’s frozen landscape isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Neither is spending four months riding the backcountry from Cairo, Egypt, along the backbone of Africa to Cape Town, South Africa. Yet there are bike adventurers who take on these and other extreme challenges... Read more →